6. října 2014 v 22:08 | Mik
everything reminds me of you.

ive never been so sentimental
cant breathe it infected my mental
health and everything is falling
into pieces as i'm going

i wish i would never know babe
how sweet your lips taste

even stupid love song hits me.
wish i could make you miss me.
hope that there is something like fate
that will bring you back oh my babe

tell me how to stay alive
i looked for pills but found none
every minute is so heavy
as im trying to forget my baby

every place we have visited
makes me cry and i cant skip it
every song we used to play
makes me starve for you my babe

everytime i think im okay
and than i see your face

and again

I hope to die. It feels right

better than missing you

I wish to die

Its better than missing you

If life is living without you, then i wont spend a day without you

everything reminds me of you.

is this love or is this possession?
i wanna speak to you, got so much to mention
but i have to pretend like i dont care
that is what hurts my babe

tell me how to stay alive
i need some drug to stay alive


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