A girl like me

15. října 2010 v 22:40 | misunderstood |  poetic
Some day maybe i will find you
and some day maybe you will see me
in summer day,  I will be right behind you
it´s summer day, dont ya see?
I wanna let it go and be just okay
I´ve gotta music in heart I´m gonna let it play
Tonight I´m not screaming just for you
Tonight I don´t see deja vu
Tonight I´m dancing all the time
Tonight It´s easy to feel fine
Oh yeah
A girl like me
Plays fair
She doesnt like any control, if she´s anywhere
A girl like me
Is finding boy like you
But she doesnt do
anything for you

Gotta dance and maybe sing
Gotta feel that crazy thing
Have you got this just like me?
I know you cannot breathe
I wanna let it go and be independent
Don´t watch that clock you´ve got time to spend!
Tonight I´m not leaving out of you
Tonight I have got some things to do
Tonight I´m telling what i want
If you dont have to leave please dont!
Oh no
A girl like me
She believes
A girl like me
Loves the sea
A girl like me



1 wolfgirll wolfgirll | 5. ledna 2011 v 20:52 | Reagovat

Budem už dávať len smajlíkov, lebo neviem, čo mám písať. :D :D

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*Sometimes it seems as though a new result area springs up everyday wherever there are sun and sea.

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