Nite is my house

29. září 2010 v 15:28 | misunderstood |  poetic
Im, Im ready to go
If I see the moonlight and I
Im ready to show
Well I meet with you in the night
I, I take it slow
Nite is still young and me too
So why go to home?
I can be with you if you will be with me
My heart is harder than stone
I am strong and in daylight i feel wrong
The kids are finally gone
I am in darkness and I am her princess
I feel alone
And  I like it, Oh baby i like it
Why dont you go
Look at me Imma free and I
Nite is my house
Nite is my joise
Nite is my life
Nite is mine
is Mine

Jaký to má pěkný tvar =D Skoro by to mohla být píseň. Nahoře najdete odkaz na překlad.



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